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About Us

Welcome to 1Stop Prime Merch:

Hello, my name is Mwila Musonda, I am the Director at Prime Merch Ltd.

Mr. Mwila Musonda

A growing entrepreneur previously in Logistics, I understand the importance of delivering quality goods that will leave the customer satisfied with their purchase. This lead me to developing a store that focuses on giving you the best experience online shopping has to offer. 


1Stop Prime Merch is an e-commerce store based in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. Our mission is to provide a visual wide range of quality products at affordable prices. When the business was in it's developing stage, I thought about a store that would bring you interesting products you can visualize in your home. We strive to hand pick products we feel will add value to the customer and solve a problem they might have encountered.


We value honesty, integrity and trust with our clients. This is why we bring top products of good quality, this makes every product selected to benefit you in your home. With this focus on giving you the customer, the best experience possible when shopping at our store. Every home has something in it that we tend to use more than other items, so why not get the best of those in one convenient place.


The goal of this business is to give you an experience you can relate to. Whether you have a new apartment, house, or an empty room. We know every piece of real estate has something unique to you, this is why we offer products that can speak to you. By focusing on your experience, we can find similarities and solutions to the things you deal with on a daily basis. The most important thing a home needs is people, so we expanded to a variety of collections to give you the best of everything under one roof.