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Cat Furniture Protector

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Is your cat turning your couch to a scratch post?  😻

We have a product just for you, it's easy on the eyes, and does not take away the beauty of your furniture.

No need to worry, with our Couch Protector For Cats, you can now protect your furniture in your home.

100% Transparent to provide you with a clean and unnoticeable look.

Protect your fabric sofa or leather couch. Easy to apply, it only takes up to 7 minutes for a quick and easy solution.

Sizes: 1pcs x 15 x 100cm, 1pcs x 30 x100cm, 4pcs x 14 x 39cm, 4pcs x 14 x 48cm, 4pcs x 15 x 30cm, 4pcs x 20 x 45cm, 4pcs x 30 x 40cm, 4pcs x 30 x 45cm

Uses: Protects your furniture, sofa, bed, counter and doorways.

Materials: Hydro-allergenic tape, it's safe for your pets and your family members.

Application: Simply separate the transparent tape from the paperback, and apply to surface you with to protect. Uses a strong and non-residual glue that will not damage furniture upon removal.

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